Goodbye from YCN Hosting

Following several months of DDoS attacks, staff changes and dropping levels of sales, YCN Hosting was no longer in a position to offer customers the high level of service that I feel it deserved. I have therefore decided to close down YCN Hosting and terminate all existing hosting infrastructure.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce FragWise (, a new Game Server Provider who will be taking over a lot of services that YCN Hosting offers. FragWise will continue to host all remaining contracts which YCN Hosting will not be able to fulfil as well as allowing the use of existing clan pay credit. Furthermore FragWise will aim to maintain the same prices that are currently used on YCN Hosting. FragWise is actively developing their infrastructure to support all that YCN currently hosts and more however some services may not be available upon the initial migration and affected users will be notified shortly.

FragWise will be owned and operated by Paul van der Knaap, a good friend and colleague of both myself and YCN Hosting. Paul is heavily involved within game server management over the past several years, having done active development on Enemy Territory itself with his release of version 3.00 as well as maintaining his own community project Trackbase. More recently Paul has been helping with the running of YCN where he could and has been a frequent contributor to our support. I believe that with him behind the wheel of FragWise, that he will be able to offer unrivalled service with as well as an innovative hosting platform that many providers would be envious of.

I would like to thank all our clients for their custom and loyalty over the last 7 years and would like to wish you all the best with your futures at FragWise.

Evgeny Yakimov
Owner and Managing Director of YCN Hosting


And now, over to FragWise